VIDEO: 3-legged alligator hobbles across Florida golf course, follows woman home

Golfer Charles Helms and his friends couldn’t believe their eyes when a giant alligator leisurely walked in front of them at the third hole at Buffalo creek golf club in Florida. Apparently, this is not the first time the alligator has been spotted at the course. He’s been wandering the greens for years.

A giant alligator was caught on video casually walking across a golf course in Florida. (Photo : Flickr/Creative Commons/Shiela Rosamond). Charles Helms, who filmed the gator, had been doing his usual play when his group spotted the giant reptile walking towards a lake on the golf course.

This is just an incredibly elaborate mini golf course and the hole is inside the gators mouth. You’ve got to both get its attention and make it open its mouth without being devoured and torn No guys I think it’s Florida I mean he wrote it right on the title, and I didn’t get an MBA in detective skills for nothing.

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A giant alligator has been filmed strolling across a golf course in Florida, to the horror of a group of golfers. "That is the biggest freakin’ alligator I Staff at the Buffalo Creek Golf Club said the reptile was a common feature and had become popular with customers. wendy schofield, who works at its.

– Alligators living on or around florida golf courses is nothing new, but one gator has gone viral after it was caught on camera ambling through a golf course. Charles Helms was with a friend at Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto when he spotted what appeared to be a 14 to 15 foot gator casually.

Alligators in Florida are a dime a dozen and are often seen walking around various areas. So, why am I telling you about this one? Well for one Lori Greenberg later posted the video online and said that the hobbling gator was coming right towards her and it actually followed her home and stared at her.

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