Wild Side Column: Prairie renewed by fire

When applied to a building fire, the process of reading smoke can help fire officers understand the fire’s exact location, size and potential for rapid spread. Further, the information gained by reading smoke becomes a strong foundation for developing and adjusting incident.

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The fire suppresses invading woody plants, non-native cool season grasses, clears away old vegetation litter and releases nutrients enabling renewed growth of native grasses and forbs. Those hot sweaty days of planting, burning, spraying weeds and cutting brush have really paid off with a beautiful prairie filled with wildlife.

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Look out! These 14 tall and narrow houses rise up above the landscape to enable incredible panoramic views of rustic nature preserves, lakes and city skylines. Some are converted from old fire towers, lookout towers (and even water towers) while others are just inspired by their shapes. These tower.

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That’s because without fire, prairie would have given way to forest here over the past 5,000 years. prairie fires, which were set regularly by American Indians, and sometimes caused by lightning, are estimated to have scoured any given bit of land here once every one to five years.

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Since that time, ranchers have worked the Flint Hills landscape in a way that has preserved the prairie. In the springtime, the Flint Hills is nothing but lush, green, vibrant grass far as the eye can see. People on nighttime flights have mistaken tallgrass prairie for a large, wavy body of water!